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Gnu now knew his continual clip-clopping on the crushed circular path could not get him going in the direction he desired.

Gnu knew this. Gnu also knew he was getting nowhere and was depleting daytime doing it. He was tired, troubled, and positively perplexed.

Gnu slowly surmised he was on a ceaseless self-limiting sojurn. The more he meandered, the closer he came to where he had started.

“I’m always going to where I’ve come from,” Gnu softly sighed with self-pity.

“There must be a better way,” he tensely thought, sharply stamping on the solid soil. “If I just try harder, surely I can easily escape and go graze in greener grasslands.”

He tried cantering carefully. Nope. He tried hoofing harder. Nope. He even tried sprinting slower. Nope. 

He tried stirring at sunrise and he tried staying out under the stars of the sky. Nope and nope.

When he arrived at the beginning of the trail, (again!), he snorted sadly, full of frustrated feelings and debilitating despair. 

“I must lack good grit,” he thought, “maybe that is it.” The ungulate grasped the gist of grit, but he was sure that whatever grit he might have got was good and gone. 

Waves of worry washed over the woeful wildebeest.

 “Maybe I’m not good enough,” he thought for the 1000th time that day. Ugghhh! Gnu let out half of a half-hearted honk. Gnu panted pathetically.

Gnu hated headaches, however a honkingly huge one was horrifically hammering in his head.

 “Other gnus know…if I gnu, I mean,  knew, I no, I mean, know, I could find my way! ” Gnu loudly lamented. 

Gnu launched into looking for what he lacked. The longer Gnu looked for what he lacked, the more addled and alarmed he appeared.

Gnu’s gnuddle (scientific name for the gnu brain) was now totally teeming with terribly tumbling thoughts happening within his  hammering headache. 

“If I could just figure out why I’ve been going around in circles,” he muttered to himself over and over, “then I could finally…”

Just then, a lightning bolt abruptly broke from above and landed with a ferocious force five feet from the bewildered beast.

Gnu stood stock still…

He barely breathed…

He had no mental motion…

He slowly slanted his eyes skyward…

Then, out of the blue, it came to him…he suddenly saw in stillness his path to freedom.

What the other gnus knew:

“Overthinking about your problem-based thinking keeps you stuck to the problem and often is an obstacle to finding a solution.”

“A mind with a lot on it doesn’t leave much room for fresh insights or new perspectives to appear.”

“Solutions and helpful thoughts can come from out of the blue if you leave room for them.”

“A fresh start is always possible.”

What no Gnu knows:

Alliteration is the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words. 

My rules regarding alliterations are seldom spoken and never heard: alliterations should be used sparingly and tastefully.

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