1. What is Optimal Psychiatry?

Optimal Psychiatry is an evidence-based holistic approach that incorporates complementary and alternative treatments with standard-of-care solutions for improving your overall health and well-being. At Optimal Psychiatry, we believe that medication and psychotherapy are significantly helpful in supporting you in feeling and functioning at your best. We also emphasize that sustainable wellness requires engagement in mind-body medicine practices, healthy nutrition, frequent physical activity, as well as social and community engagement.

Optimal Psychiatry can assist you in helping choose medication strategies, if indicated, and we’ll also discuss with you how important health promoting behaviors such as how you are eating, how you are exercising, and we’ll share mind-body principles and psychological flexibility approaches to help you regulate how you are feeling throughout the day. Optimal Psychiatry is about you finding your unique path to health and well-being.

2. What approach does Optimal Psychiatry use? 

Optimal Psychiatry offers evidence-based approaches to relieve psychological and emotional suffering. We have a conservative approach regarding psychiatric medication, with an emphasis on using the least amount of medication for the shortest amount of time. We encourage people to take a proactive approach to do those things daily that have been shown to help people awaken their own innate health and well-being. The human body has a natural drive to wellness, and often there are small changes in daily life that can result in significant improvement in the daily experience of life. Your health and well-being matter. Optimal Psychiatry supports you in living the life that you really want.

3. Do you accept health insurance? How much does an appointment cost?

Dr. Crooks is currently only accepting the Seton Health Plan and BCBS. Visit our fee page for information about the cost (or price) for a typical visit.

4. Am I able to speak with someone at Optimal Psychiatry by telephone?

Yes, but the telephone is not our primary method for communication. We encourage all of our patients to enroll in the patient portal called Patient Fusion. Once enrolled, you will have direct access to Dr. Crooks via the secure messaging feature, and you will be able to schedule your own appointments through the patient portal. Leaving phone messages is possible by calling 512-871-8455 however, calls may take up to 24-48 hours to be returned.

If you are an established patient of Dr. Crooks and you have a business-related question or a concern about your bill, please contact Optimal Psychiatry’s administrative assistant, Jennifer Perez, at crooksoffice2019@gmail.com.

5. Do you treat children and adolescents?

Dr. Crooks treats patients ages 18 and up. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

6. Do you offer telemedicine?

Yes. Dr Crooks meets with patients exclusively via telemedicine. Due to health concerns following the pandemic, no in-person visits are anticipated.

7. How do I schedule an appointment? 

For initial evaluation appointments, you may call Jennifer Perez, administrative assistant, at 512-871-8455. Upon receiving your phone message, Ms. Perez will return your call within 1-2 business days and assist you in finding an appointment time that is most convenient for your schedule.

8. I am having trouble registering on the patient portal, can you help me?

Yes. If you are having difficulty communicating with Optimal Psychiatry, including being able to register on Patient Fusion, please call Jennifer Perez, administrative assistant, at 512-871-8455 or email her at crooksoffice2019@gmail.com, and she will be able to assist you in getting connected with us.

9.How do I access the telemedicine portal?

The secure telemedicine platform is browser-based and very easy to use. You are encouraged to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. You are able to access the telemedicine platform using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, making sure that your camera and audio are on in order to have a successful telemedicine visit with Dr. Crooks. The telemedicine platform also includes a chat function that may be used to communicate with you just prior to your visit, updating you on wait time, if any. About 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled telemedicine appointment, point your browser to https://www.doxy.me/drcrooks and when you arrive at the homepage, there is no need to establish an account, choose a password or create a username. You need only enter your name and Dr. Crooks will see that you have arrived in his virtual waiting room and will open the visit at the time of your scheduled appointment.

10. I still have unanswered questions. How can I contact Optimal Psychiatry?

If you have additional questions please contact Jennifer Perez, an administrative assistant for Dr. Crooks, at 512-871-8455 or crooksoffice2019@gmail.com and she will make sure your question is answered in a timely manner.