Optimal Psychiatry is all about you

It’s about empowering you to take ownership of your life.

It’s about you facing and resolving the challenges of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual life.

It’s about you getting education, answers, and treatment options designed to help you feel better and function more fully in your life.

It’s about you understanding that there is no magic pill that will resolve many of the challenges in living. It’s about understanding that medication is a small part of a bigger picture, helping to support your day-to-day actions that lead in the direction of the life you really want.

It’s about you being treated with dignity, compassion and respect. It’s about you treating your doctor and staff with dignity, compassion and respect.

It’s about being engaged in the process of your care, with clear communication,  responsible planning and keeping of appointments, asking questions if more information is needed.

It’s about you being in charge, knowing that your health and well-being matter.

Optimal Psychiatry is about you.